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A Breakthrough Clinical Platform for Physicians

The vision of Fluence (formerly Convergence) is to simplify the physician experience. The platform enables a modular approach that drives a context-aware clinical desktop experience, providing clinicians with an intelligent navigation framework across a suite of clinical applications.

The core functionality of Fluence includes an intelligent consolidated view of key patient health data (extracted from a variety of clinical systems) as well as meaningful visualization of the longitudinal patient record to bring the ‘patient story’ to life.  

Learn more about the Fluence early adopter program.

Multiple Device Options

The longitudinal data display and targeted navigation to legacy systems enables clinicians to engage deeply with the patient, and their health history, across multiple devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile) without interruption to their workflow.

A key feature of Fluence permits existing clinical tools and newly-developed Windows 8 applications to interoperate seamlessly within the patient and user context. 

Evidence-Based Care Guidelines

The Clinical Pathways module fully leverages the Fluence platform and demonstrates the value of acquiring data elements from disparate systems. Clinical Pathways enables clinical teams to deliver evidence-based medicine in accordance with approved standards of care. It displays, tracks, and reports the steps a clinician has performed against an approved pathway – offering next steps and supporting research based on the most relevant and up-to-date data available.
Fluence is able to offer this in a single solution that can be used in multiple clinical settings for enhanced decision making ability.

Improved Patient Care

Cardiologists engaged in the pilot of Fluence believe that the product will reduce the time it takes to learn about a newly admitted patient’s health history and quickly assess their patients’ needs.

Use of Fluence enables physicians to spend less time with technology and more time with the patient, thereby improving the quality of physician-patient engagement.

Development Platform

Fluence’s development framework allows third-party vendors to create complimentary applications that leverage the Fluence desktop experience and interoperability of the underlying technologies. This creates an endless possibility of potential future enhancements, beyond the base product, that will keep pace with the ever-changing needs of the health care market. The underlying enabling technology supports the continual development of powerful future applications.  

Early Adopter Program

The UPMC Technology Development Center is now enrolling a limited number of participants in an early adopter program for our Fluence product that enables health care systems to adapt to the rapidly changing business model in our industry while improving quality and patient care. As part of the early adopter program, you will have early access to this dynamic platform and play a pivotal role in its development and launch. All with minimal risk to your organization. To learn more about participating in the program, please contact us at


Connect With Us

The UPMC Technology Development Center is interested in connecting with people and organizations who share our passion for providing outstanding patient care and shaping tomorrow’s health system through clinical and technological innovation. To learn more about Fluence or other projects at the UPMC Technology Development Center, please contact us at​​​